Hsas Union Collective Agreement

x) This agreement may be annulled by any party that within the first six (6) months following signing, and ninety days (90) days after twenty-eight (28) days. In accordance with Article 15.01 of the collective agreement, workers will then return to normal hours in a procedure agreed upon by the parties. The employer maintains a seniority list with the date on which each worker`s period of service last began, including all seniority periods until Saturday, including Saturday, when December 31 falls each year, as calculated in section 10.01. An updated seniority list is published until February 1 of each year in places accessible to all workers, with copies to the union. The seniority list is open for correction for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of the detachment. Requests for corrections are limited to the age limit for the last 12 months. The six-year contract would run until March 31, 2024. Details will not be published until after the ratification process has been completed. When an employer finds that a program or department or position (s) is regularly and continuously changed into a multi-site structure within a regional health authority, the employer and the union will meet to discuss the details of how the change will be implemented. In any case, the amendment will not be implemented without at least sixty (60) days` notice to the union. If the parties fail to reach an agreement on the designation of a position, the matter may be referred to arbitration in accordance with Article 9.08 or any other mutually agreed adjudication procedure. 6.2 After the agreement between the employer and the participant, the start of the leave may be postponed subject to the limitation of the agreement and the maximum allowable period. b) Negotiated expanded plans continue until they are negotiated or otherwise terminated under the original agreement.

A worker recalled from vacation receives twice (2x) his regular salary for all hours worked. Once the work has been completed, to which the employee has been recalled, the employee may resume and complete the remaining scheduled days off or, by mutual agreement, reschedule unused leave to a later date.

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