Sabah 20 Point Agreement

This represents the general perception of the people of Malaya; they can find the „20 points“ in none of the original documents in the formation of the Malaysian Federation. The fact that Tan Sri Haniff Omar is ready to dig up and read the old files means that he took these things seriously. He wants a solution, and he wants it closed. He was partly right because there is no „20 points“ in the original documents of the Cobbold Commission reports (those interested in the sabah, read here, I present a copy of the cobbold commission`s initial report to the public`s attention). And Noyze, tell me, do you think such information is widespread in our public library? And if the Internet itself is not a public library or a reservoir of information and the answers obtained from different sides are the same, should we deny that it exists? The agreement is not a joke, some parties or a particular group want us to think that way, that they want us to doubt that there is such an agreement to move our community and keep control of us and our country. I am not here to oppose you to our government or our establishment, but above all to tell you of your rights that have been given to you and promised as Sarawakian or Sabahan! Now, tell me how many of these points were hurt by reading these points? Tell me, if you`re not crazy or angry after reading these dots, and most of them have been hurt… Interesting points… well to know and plan for. And do your facts correctly, Sarawak or Sabah is not a state of Malaysia… we are a merger or partnership that has been asked to join the Westies just to win the majority of Bumiputra, or else it has been called the majority „Malays“. Are you asking me to grow up? I`ve grown up. Leadership that has severely hampered the growth of our Sarawak, both economically and socially. Why are the Westies so afraid of us, the Sarawakian, to make a difference? We just want you to persevere until the end of the agreement, when you asked us to join us and form a country called Malaysia.

That`s all. If our leaders have made a mistake in their extremities, then we must change it to do it properly and correctly. If our leaders do not follow what is written in the agreement, we must make a change. Don`t be afraid to try to make a difference. We just want to be as good as you guys, to have much needed facilities and infrastructure… But why do you bother and only give us „enough under“ when all the resources have been collected by us? The agreements, found in the proclamation of Malaysia and in the reports of the Cobbold Commission, set out the conditions and rights that were to protect the autonomy and special interest of the people of Sabah and Sarawak and protected, among other things, the rights of these regions in the areas of religion, language, education, administration economy and culture. These memorandums are often directed towards the gaze of those who believe that their principles have not been respected according to the Federation.

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