Sub Agency Agreement Shipping

The general agency agreement was developed for the provision of selected agency services over a period of time in a given area or territory. It is designed to be used in all trades and can be tailored to the individual needs of the parties. This contract was published in December 2017 and is the last edition. The copyright of the agreement on the General Agency is on the part of FONASBA. The publishers are BIMCO and FONASBA. Hartmann subsequently ended the trade and Binnings tried to recover from the shipping company. The court found that there had never been a contract between the shipping company and Binnings and that the former had no responsibility for their commissions. The Tribunal reached its findings on the basis of the following facts: Compensation does not, however, apply to matters arising from the premeditation or negligence of the sub-agent. Although the FONASBA Standard Liner Agency agreement contains a similar clause requiring the line manager to compensate the agent, most agreements developed by the line companies or their lawyers do not contain such a provision.

It is therefore important that officers try to negotiate the inclusion of such a clause when they are appointed first by a new line leader. FONASBA are also publishers of the Standard Liner Agency Agreement and the General Agency Agreement (for Liner Services), both of which were revised and adopted in July 1993. The FONASBA sub-agency agreement follows the general layout of the Standard Liner agency agreement and contains clauses dealing with general terms and conditions, accounting and finance, remuneration, insurance, duration, sub-agent tasks, functions of the delegate general and finally the court. As an alternative to establishing an exhaustive list of the subcontractor`s tasks, the agreement refers to the agency agreement between the line and the general plenipotentiary and leaves it to the parties to identify the tasks covered in this document that the subcontractor must perform instead of the general plenipotentiary. The Agency`s appointment contract contains a number of standard provisions for the appointment of an agent for a single port call. The contract is concluded between the representative and a shipowner, ship operator, charterer or manager and sets out the benefits to be provided and the remuneration to be paid. This contract was published on January 9, 2017 and is the last edition. The copyright in the Agency`s appointment agreement belongs to FONASBA. The publishers are BIMCO and FONASBA. BIMCO and FONASBA, the global organization representing ship brokers and ship agents, have once again banded together to create a new general agency agreement for port agents, shipowners and ship operators commanding port agency services.

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