Suitecrm License Agreement

Question 2: Define under the (a definitive guide on GNU-compatible licenses) for AGPL (v3): 3.1.1. Some third-party software is subject to different conditions than the agreement. The Company may view the licenses and/or corresponding communications for this third-party software, as shown in the Service and Software text files. The company is committed to complying with the conditions contained in these licenses for the corresponding third-party software. However, the forum page states that „SuiteCRM has taken over the GPLv3 license. In this forum, general information about the GPLv3 license regarding SuiteCRM and its collaborators/contributors can be discussed. „If you don`t mind me asking how to provide your customers with software license information if you don`t have that list? From what I understand, the system is under AGPL, but to check the whole program, you have to take into account all the other licenses. This is only possible if you order with all licenses. For the rest, these are only „good intentions“ and, unfortunately, there is no room for good intentions in business. If one of the customers asks for a list of licenses, then we can make that list, but it`s not yet something we`ve done for the core. 2.6.2. The company may not, directly or indirectly (i) spam, illegal, obscene or defamatory (ii) sublicensing, resale, leasing, leasing, distribution, marketing, marketing or other transfer of rights to: a) the software or service; (b) any modified or derived version of the software created by the company or for the entity, or (c) any copy or version of the software that is modified or not, that is licensed TPPI, in all cases for all uses, including time-sharing service, (iii) to remove or modify author, brand or ownership references in the software or service; (iv) modify an open source version of SugarCRM`s source code („Original Code“) so that a source code (the „Forked Software“) is developed to prevent these changes from being automatically incorporated into the original code or forked having software functions that are not included in the original code, v) engineering, decompilation or modification of coded parts of the software or service; (vi) software or service ideas, functions, functions or graphics for purposes other than those expressly approved in this contract (vii), executed or made available on corporate hardware, any copy or version of the licensed TPPI (viii) software is provided simultaneously with SugarCRM Community Edition and/or (ix) simultaneously modify a copy or version of the licensed TPPI software (viii) at the same time as SugarCRM Community Edition and/or (ix).

You have suiteCRM right is under the AGPL license. The text that describes the licensing subforum is incorrect.

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