Voting Agreement Edgar

In January 2017, Time Warner Inc. submitted a DEFM14A form to the SEC regarding the proposed merger agreement for the combination between Time Warner and AT-T Inc. The proposed merger of these two companies and how their shareholders could vote on the proposed merger were widely taken into account. The SEC DEFM14A form contains information on: A proxy statement is a document that provides shareholders with information and details on issues that will be voted on and voted on at an annual meeting or special meeting. A merger will occur when two existing companies agree to form a new entity. The acquisition is made when a company (the acquirer) agrees to take all or almost all of the ownership of another business (the acquirer). Each DEFM14A form submitted is available to the public through the SEC`s ELECTRONIC Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval (EDGAR) system. The document presents, among other things, the financial data, market price and dividend information of the two companies, as well as potential risk factors related to the merger and the details of the implementation of the merger. The details of the document provided up-to-date information and background information on AT-T and Time Warner to help shareholders make an informed decision about the merger. The merger was then approved and reviewed by shareholders.

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