What Was The Agreement Atticus Make With Scout

Scout thinks her first day of school is a dismal failure, and compared to what she hoped for, it is. But she learns a lot about people in class and class. In one day, Scout learns several important lessons, but most importantly, she gets her first idea that things are not always what they seem. Atticus Finch is the father of middle-aged Jem and Scout Finch. He is a lawyer and was once known as „One-shot Finch“ and „the deadliest shot in Maycomb County.“ Although it was a good shot, he may not mention it because he doesn`t like the idea of having an advantage over people. He appears to support racial equality and was appointed to represent Tom Robinson, a black man accused of raping a young white woman, Mayella Ewell. The city disapproves of the fact that he is defending Tom, especially if he clarifies his intention to defend Tom Robinson to the best of his ability. He was also an honest person, he was trying to help anyone he could. It is the moral centre of history.

The others do not include the „Maycomb Paths.“ Harper Lee once again points out that outsiders are viewed with suspicion. When Miss Caroline announced her home province: „The class was muttering with concern if it had to prove that it should house its share of the characteristics of this region.“ Judge John Taylor formally executes his court with the enjoyment of singing and scuba diving tobacco. During the Tom Robinson trial, he showed great dislike for the Ewells and great respect for Atticus. Because of the judge`s sympathies for Tom, Bob Ewell tries to break into the judge`s house while the judge`s wife is in the church. After the trial, Ms. Maudie pointed out to the children that the judge had tried to help Tom by appointing Atticus in place of Maxwell Green, the new unstoverned lawyer who was normally appointed by a court. Taylor J.A. knew that Atticus was the only man who had a chance to acquit Tom, or at least be able to think of the jurors for more than a few minutes. Taylor J.A.

did not give in and supported racism. He is played by Paul Fix in the film. Braxton Bragg Underwood is a journalist and friend of Atticus. He also owns and publishes The Maycomb Tribune. As a racist, he disagrees with Atticus. He also has a strong faith in justice, as in the example, when he defends Atticus in front of Cunningham`s crowd in charge of his double flute gun and ready to fire it. He also showed some humanity in publishing an abominable editorial in which he compared the killing of Tom Robinson (a cripple) to „the senseless slaughter of songbirds by hunters and children.“ Nathan Radley is Radley`s brother. Nathan seals the knot with cement. He helps Miss Maudie when her house is on fire by saving some of her belongings. Lula is an African-American woman who has an aversion to white people.

She likes the idea of Calpurnia bringing the children of Atticus Finch, Jem and Scout to church and talking to him about it, but she is put forward by the other congregations. According to Calpurnia`s son, Zeebo, Lula is „a troublemaker from afar, with unusual ideas and haughty paths.“ She is threatened by Reverend Sykes with churches. Horace Gilmer is an Abbottsville lawyer and trial attorney for Tom Robinson. Mr. Gilmer is between 40 and 60 years old. Mr. Gilmer has a light cast with an eye that he uses to his advantage in the review. Mr. Gilmer was extremely racist when he examined Tom. He and Atticus are not rivals and talk to each other during breaks of the case.

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